Who am I ?!


Who Am I ?

Welcome to Civil Engineering Blog! My name is Tha'er Zaghal, and I’m the founder of this blog, a place to post my ideas and the whole knowledge that I've learned! I started this website after being told by friends and family that I keep talking about civil engineering more than anything else.

Well, I live in Jerusalem, Palestine and I'm a Civil Engineering student, it's my fourth year which means that one more year to let the dream come true ;)

With my blog I hope to show you some creative ideas that could change something, in other words, I can say that I just think loudly and post what I think insted of annoying my family with my thoughts haha. 
Moreover, I've decided to put a lot of resources that could help any student in his studying, so I've posted my reports that I've worked hard on them in the recent four years.
I also share ideas and techniques from my personal experience of getting in shape.
Civil Engineering Blog is created to inspire you, all while enjoying the journey! 

With Love
Tha'er Zaghal 


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